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Modifying a datafile within Amazon AWS

Posted by John Hallas on October 5, 2018

Amazon restrict access to the SYS user within AWS instances for safety and security reasons  Рthe safety aspect being that users cannot be trusted to not cause self-harm!

Wishing to increase or add a datafile to a tablespace is not allowed directly and you have to use the API “rdsadmin.rdsadmin_util” to manage this and other functions.

These functions are listed in here  and a further page provides some good examples

One little workaround which I found useful and have used in the past on ‘on-premise’ databases is to use the ‘alter tablespace TS1 resize 50G;’ format which is quite useful if it is a bigfile tablespace and therefore only has one datafile. In that way you do not have to specify a file name or use the ‘ALTER DATAFILE’ format which is restricted by AWS.



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