Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience


I am an Oracle DBA who has been doing the job since about 1992. I remember V5 but really started work on V6 and because involved full-time with Oracle when V7 came in.

I have been freelance for 12 years but I am now in permanent employment. I do want to work for a consultancy at some stage as I like working on site although not for 1-2 day gigs but to perform a chunk of work.

I do not profess to be an expert in any way and these blogs will probably cover areas that I did not know or had problems with and try to answer some of the questions I had.

At the moment (April 2008) Streams is my big problem and in particular keeping an  archived-log downstream capture database updated with logs from the source database.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to notify you that this theme doesn’t work in Google Chrome (perhaps Apple Safari also) and Opera.



  2. HT said

    Hi John,

    Your blog (especially your scripts) are an invaluable resource for this junior Oracle DBA. Keep up the great work!

  3. dipti said

    please answer my question?
    how can i install oracle software remotely or a remote place?
    wlile the database is up and running ,if a table is lost how can i recover it?

    • John Hallas said

      Dipti, I do not understand the question really. You need access to the server to install software. All access is remote unless you login at the console.
      The database running does not make any difference if you install into a different Oracle HOme (new location). You then stop the database and restart it from the new location

  4. Chuck said


    Your blog has been helpful in my work. I’m interested in starting a blog as a way to track technical solutions for myself and to share them with others.

    Can you offer suggestions, lessons-learned, etc. for starting a technical blog? …WordPress vs. blogspot? …suggested templates for displaying script and output samples? …editing tools?

    Thanks much!


  5. Chris Brown said

    Hi John …I’ve been trying to implement add_coloured_sql procedure on 11g
    ( you mentioned it at the sig last week )

    I can’t find the procedure & the documentation seems confusing as it is refering to ash_report

    Any help you can give would be appreciated
    Chris B

  6. Hi John, Very useful info here. Thanks for sharing on line.
    Wondered on your “valuable BAU OEM reports – some examples” article. Only the SQL for the “Guaranteed Restore Points” check does not look to work when I try it.

    • John Hallas said

      I am not surprised it didnt work – it seemed to be a completely different query. Not sure what happended there. I have added teh current working query.
      You will need to remove the ‘= core’ parts as that is a system that we have so it will not be in your environment

      Thanks for spotting


  7. Charan said

    HI John

    the blog is very informative and useful. I have a request to make. Can you increase the font size a bit. it is very small for me to read it.


  8. Sowji said


    I have seen your contact from the blogs and I wanted to reach out to see if you have any solution for the my questions.
    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Our Oracle production database ( running on Linux has a Tablespace which consists of two datafiles (stores Application Audit log not DB audit logs) one with 31GB which is 100% full and other new datafile has been added with 10GB autoextend to maxsize of 20GB (in which 8GB has already been used out of 20GB). The application audit log table was created on 2014.

    The database is growing drastically since a month and the retention they want to keep is for 7 years. Whenever they run a report, they want the data from the past 7 years to be accessed.

    Is there any way that these application audit logs can be moved from database and kept at OS level by archiving them or any other methods where the database growth comes down by compressing?


    • Prabhakar said

      Hi John,

      I am working on BI Publisher reports and i am looking for a script based on mgmt$ views to get the archive log generation per day for a target. Could you help if you have the script already please.

      Thank in advance

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