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GoldenGate – Restarting a replicat with the command filterduptransactions

Posted by John Hallas on April 4, 2017

If a Goldengate replicat process fails then occasionally on the restart it skips the correct RBA and ‘loses it’s position’. The relative byte address (RBA) is the location within the trail file to indicate the current transaction.

The old school method was to calculate which RBA was the correct one and then restart the replicat. However there is a new command on the block now (pun intended) and I will demonstrate how the two methods can be used to restart the trail file correctly

Today, we saw the following in the GG log file:
PS sorry if the format is a bit off. I normally spend me as much time formatting this blog as it I do writing it. However in this case much of the work was done by Alex Priestley – a fellow DBA

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