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informational trace files in 11g

Posted by John Hallas on June 16, 2009

Since Oracle 11G there seems to be many more informational trace files generated than ever before. Perhaps I am noticing more but I will provide three examples in support of what I am saying.

kcrroda: calling ksfdrcres to create AL or RL

Just a warning but it is due to a bug in (still not fixed in that causes diagnostic warnings to be issued after an archivelog switch. Bug 6910132 for anyone who is interested

From the same database I see trace files with the following lines in

Updating SGAs in kzam_check_limit
No rows for property:16, trail_type:12
Resetting MaxSize to default values for OS audit files
Resetting MaxSize to default values for XML audit files
No rows for property:17, trail_type:12
Resetting MaxAge to default values for OS audit files
Resetting MaxAge to default values for XML audit files
No rows for property:24, trail_type:15

I cannot find any information on this at all but I do suspect that it is another diagnostic setting that has been left enabled within the code
I will raise an SR on this matter but I don’t think it is anything for me to be worried by

From another database (again I see numerous trace files containing the line

qerfxGCol:KQFDTTIM – Error converting to LdiDateArray

Metalink note 577674.1 shows that it is yet another trace output than can be ignored
Applies to:
Oracle Server – Enterprise Edition – Version:
This problem can occur on any platform.

After upgraded to or created a new database on this version, you noticed following repetitively message at MMON process trace:

“qerfxGCol:KQFDTTIM – Error converting to LdiDateArray”

There is no further errors at alert log.

Upgraded to

This issue has been introduced in 11gR1 with the new view v$persistent_queues, where a ‘select * from v$persistent_queues;’ reproduces the error when there is a ‘null’ value for one of timestamp
columns in that view. This behavior does *not* cause any data loss; performance impact nor any effect for use of ADDM/AWR tools.

This issue has been reported on following bugs:


It has been fixed in 11.2.

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