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The power of emdiag

Posted by John Hallas on August 20, 2010

I am currently loooking at emdiag and finding it more and more useful as I fully understand it’s capabilities. To copy a comment from a metalink note – EMDIAG is a diagnostics and troubleshooting kit which can help with  a health assesment of a site. It is a set of scripts developed by Werner De Gruyter and instructions for download and usage are in Note 421053.1 EMDiagkit download and master index. I will not go into the installation instructions here but just show a few of the commands that I am finding useful and an example of an issue that it is highlighted. Note that I have set my Oracle Home to be the OMS home and repvfy is found in OH/bin. However the output is located under wherever you have installed the emdiag software and in my case would be OH/emdiag/log

repvfy dump health -pwd password 

This gives an very good overview of repository DB specific information, database performance statistics , installed OMS patchsets and EM monitoring targets.   Read the rest of this entry »


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