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A setup to test backup and restore options

Posted by John Hallas on December 3, 2018

A couple of years my team put together some procedures and the underlying databases to allow testing of as many RMAN recovery options as we could think of. We had two databases which gave us a Dataguard capability and we secured both databases using Commvault backups so we always had a clean starting point. Each team member had a training objective to complete the course and we all thought it was an excellent refresher process.   As I recall Hamid Ansari did most of the work and I should mention him if I mention the output.


I noticed today that Francisco Munoz Alvarez has provided a script which does very much the same thing and I can only applaud the idea. I don’t think his script covers Dataguard but no doubt it could.  His web page Crash Simulator is where the script can be found. I will be looking at this myself in the next few days.


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