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Using Grid to display database CPU usage

Posted by John Hallas on September 3, 2010

There was a recent post on the Oracle -L list asking  about using Grid Control to  report on a particular databases cpu usage during a certain period of time. A number of answers came in showing  the sql queries that would answer the question but I saw the question being ‘ how can we display the CPU usage in Grid’  or indeed how can we produce a customised metric report on any database in Grid

However for those who are interested in the recommended scripted methods then the the answers that were of most use in my view were from Karl Arao pointing to  a script he has written and Rich Jesse produced the following code

sysman.mgmt$metric_daily mmd
sysman.mgmt$target mt
ON mmd.target_name = mt.target_name
AND mmd.target_type = mt.target_type
AND mmd.target_guid = mt.target_guid
mmd.metric_column like '%cpu%'
AND mt.target_name = :DB_NAME
AND mt.target_type = 'oracle_database';

My method was to create a report that could be used to report on any instance and this is how I did it. Read the rest of this entry »


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