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My bizarre question of 2015 already

Posted by John Hallas on January 5, 2015

To be honest it was asked 2 years ago in a blog about ASM and rebalancing and someone asked the following question

Can I upgrade ASM from 10205 to 11203 while ASM rebalancing is in progress?
and the answer, unsurprisingly, was
Why would anyone even think of asking that question never mind contemplating the idea of running an upgrade under such circumstances.
Needless to say my next blog post is about ASM related activities – coming very shortly

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Balancing ASM disks in one command – the benefits

Posted by John Hallas on June 5, 2012

As a response to my previous post about adding and dropping ASM disks with one command Emre Baransel asked a question as to whether it was more efficient or not to do it as one or two commands. It was easier to add  a second post complete with screen shots rather than just a simple reply.

My test system was a 3.5Tb database spread across 10 512Gb luns.

The first choice was to add and drop using a single command Read the rest of this entry »

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Curing unevenly balanced ASM diskgroups to reduce poor file distribution

Posted by John Hallas on May 2, 2012

Back in Nov 2011 I posted a question on the Oracle-L mailing group about my perception that ASM disk rebalances seemed to be required on DATA diskgroups in ASM  (never FRA, presumably because the FRA had lots of similar sized objects (flashlogs archivelogs  etc)) and even after rebalancing there seemed to be a permanent imbalance between disks of the same size. I was querying the effectiveness of the rebalancing operation.

There was some good responses including a script that Dave Herring had created, based on  key MOS articles: 818171.1 (Identifying Files with Imbalances), 351117.1 (Troubleshooting ASM Space Issues), 367445.1 (Advanced Balance and Space Report on ASM). Manual rebalancing  would normally not be required, because ASM automatically rebalances disk groups when their configuration changes. You might want to do a manual rebalance operation if you want to control the speed of what would otherwise be an automatic rebalance operation.

I have been chasing this down and have now come across Bug 7699985: UNBALANCED DISTRIBUTION OF FILES ACROSS DISKS.

It appears to be a problem in and I know a number of sites have reported it. Despite  repeated manual rebalance operations there can be a variance of up to 10% between different disks of the same diskgroup, even if they are the same size. It is fixed in  The workaround is to set the _asm_imbalance_tolerance parameter to be 0 rather than the default of 3.This controls the hundredths of a percentage of inter-disk imbalance to tolerate. Then rebalance the disks manually and reset the parameter back again to 3 as you don’t need to leave it  balancing all the time.

SQL> @asm_imbalance   (from Report the Percentage of Imbalance in all Mounted Diskgroups (Doc ID 367445.1)


 Columns Described in Script               Percent Minimum
                                 Percent Disk Size Percent  Disk Diskgroup
Diskgroup Name                 Imbalance  Varience    Free Count Redundancy
------------------------------ --------- --------- ------- ----- ----------
DATA                                 9.0        .5    15.2    84 EXTERN

    Select,dg.allocation_unit_size/1024/1024 "AU(Mb)",min(d.free_mb) Min,
    max(d.free_mb) Max, avg(d.free_mb) Avg
    from v$asm_disk d, v$asm_diskgroup dg
    where d.group_number = dg.group_number
    group by, dg.allocation_unit_size/1024/1024

NAME                               AU(Mb)        MIN        MAX    AVG
------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ------
DATA                                    1       7728      11599   8026

alter diskgroup data rebalance power 4;

NAME                               AU(Mb)        MIN        MAX    AVG
------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ------
DATA                                    1       7734      11483   8026 – no difference

alter system set "_asm_imbalance_tolerance"=0;
alter diskgroup data rebalance power 4;
NAME                               AU(Mb)        MIN        MAX        AVG
------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
DATA                                    1       8020       8062   8026  - Now nicely rebalanced

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