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Startup PDB databases automatically when a container is started – good idea?

Posted by John Hallas on July 27, 2015

I posed a note on the Oracle-L Mailing list around pluggable database and why they were not opened automatically by default when the container database was opened. The post is below

I am trying to get my head around the thing about how pluggable databases react after the container database is restarted.

Pre it was necessary to put a startup trigger in to run a ‘alter pluggable database all open;’ command to move them from mounted to open.

Now allows you to save a state in advance using ‘alter pluggable database xxx save state’ which does seem a step forward

However why would the default not be to start all the pluggable databases (or services as they are seen) not leave them in a mounted state. Obviously Oracle have thought about this and changed the trigger method, maybe due to customer feedback but I wonder why they have not gone the whole hog and started the services automatically.

I would much prefer to have the default to be up and running rather than relying on the fact that I have saved the state previously

I did get some interesting and very helpful responses. Jared Still made a couple of good points. The first being that the opening time for all the pluggable databases might be very long if you had 300 of them. That blew my mind a little and I must admit that I had considered scenarios where you might have half a dozen maximum, not into the hundreds.

I did a little test on a virtual 2 CPU, 16Gb server, already loaded with 6 running non container databases. I created 11 pluggables (I have created a new word there) from an existing one – each one took less than 2 minutes Read the rest of this entry »


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