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Tablespace full – alerts not working

Posted by John Hallas on June 29, 2010

We have had an issue with OEM not raising alerts for several 11GR1 databases where the tablespaces had filled past their threshold.  Someone from Oracle who works on OEM has pointed out that OEM is not at fault in this case, EM can only do what it is designed to do, and for 10g and 11g database it is designed to consume alerts that originate from the database.  If the database doesn’t raise them OEM can’t make them up. In one case this had caused a production interruption as it was a small datafile which was not normally used but a new business process had sent a lot of data in at once and autoextend was not enabled.

Oracle pointed us at bug 8538700 OUTSTANDING_ALERTS NOT SHOWING ALERT FOR TABLESPACE THAT EXCEEDED THRESHOLD which is shown as relevant to on any platform with a resolution being to upgrade to either or (when available). See Doc ID 870602.1 Read the rest of this entry »


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