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bug 8525592 – SGA memory leak during db shutdown

Posted by John Hallas on June 25, 2009

10 days ago I posted regarding informational messages in trace files and how they seem to have increased with the advent of 11G. See

I referred to 3 messages, one of which I said I was going to raise a SR against. The trace file contained the line  “Updating SGAs in kzam_check_limit”
and the full trace showed

 Updating SGAs in kzam_check_limit
No rows for property:16, trail_type:12
Resetting MaxSize to default values for OS audit files
Resetting MaxSize to default values for XML audit files
No rows for property:17, trail_type:12
Resetting MaxAge to default values for OS audit files
Resetting MaxAge to default values for XML audit files
No rows for property:24, trail_type:15

The feedback from Oracle was that this was unpublished bug  8525592 – SGA MEMORY LEAK ERROR DURING THE DB SHUTDOWN and that there was no cause for concern.

Now this was appearing on an database on HPUX Itanium and it is the only instance out of around 25 where it is appearing. Co-incidentally we have a  memory leak on that server and we have an ongoing SR open with Oracle. I have alerted my colleague who owns that SR and he will talk to Oracle and see if there is any match between the two issues.

In the meantime I have been able to get a bit more information on what bug 8525592 is about. Apparently it is not a serious issue and isn’t really a memory leak.  It’s to do freeing up shared pool when there are multiple subpools.  If there are child/parent handles split between subpools, it’s possible for the parent one not to be cleared properly.  In normal operation there’s a houskeeping routine that SMON does periodically that sorts this out but if the database is shutdown before that runs, it looks like a memory leak.  It’s only in 11.1.0.x and is not considered serious. Bug 8525592 leads me to bug 8586531 and base bug 7453413


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