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Response to Make database simpler

Posted by John Hallas on January 27, 2020

I read an interesting and thought provoking blog this morning Make Oracle database simple again 

Much of is is common sense and is really best practise – naming conventions, using scripts, standard setup etc.

However there were a few ideas I thought were worth commenting on

  • Avoid virtualization: without talking about the license, virtualization is for sure underlying complexity

The obvious reason to avoid virtualisation is to keep out of the nightmare of managing licenses in such an environment. However Jerome Dubar specifically states that is not the reason.  The problem is that he does not give a strong justification as to why not virtualise. If managed well it can be very cost effective.

  • Don’t use ASM: because ext4 is fine and SSDs now bring you maximum performance even on a classic filesystem. ASM will always be linked to Grid Infrastructure making dependencies between the DB Homes and that Grid stack, making patching much more complex

That is an interesting comment and I think that again it could be expanded. Certainly removing the Grid stack would remove complexity but I am not sure that SSD is appropriate for everyone or even removing SAN as mentioned earlier in the article.

  • Don’t use RAC

An absolute no-brainer. Enough said.


Overall it is a good article but I do think it is targeted at SME sites and not larger organisations.





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