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Oracle Cloud Total Cost of ownership Calculator – rather confusing

Posted by John Hallas on August 1, 2018

I was interested enough to try out the Oracle  TCO calculator that I was sent an email about. I can honestly say it has rather confused me in what it is comparing and how the results are calculated.

I will share a few screen shots and I will take you through my thoughts

I put a dummy company name in and my country – bizarrely it does not auto select the currency.

I then hit enter and waited and waited as I had to with every screenshot I show. I must admit that  trying this a few times performance was sometimes acceptable but when it was slow it was very slow. I then get the fantastic news that moving to the Cloud could save me £403K over 3 years. I had my credit card out and was ready to sign-up.

The basics of my comparison were shown assuming that I had was using 12Tb of storage and 24 cores. I then looked at the detailed savings

Firstly we have gone from using 12Tb storage to only 4Tb, although interestingly the 4Tb in the Cloud costs not far short of the on-premise 12Tb. We have also reduced from 24 cores to only 8 cores. Perhaps Oracle could just come on-site and sprinkle the magic dust that shrinks data and reduces processing requirements and we wouldn’t need to move to the Cloud.

Each of the lines on the diagram can be viewed in more detail and adjustments made. The network component shows that there is zero cost for running in the Cloud but I assume that data will have to be loaded into the database via some form of network load.

Overall as a calculator it is well laid out but I found the like for like comparisons to be rather not like for like.


The link for anyone to try it is



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