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Greyed out connections in SQL Developer

Posted by John Hallas on January 26, 2016

After upgrading to SQL Developer a number of users noticed that some connections in the left hand pane were greyed out. I had the same experience for myself. There did not seem to be any pattern as to why specific connections were chosen and not others. Once greyed out they remained greyed out permanently – the selection did not change

I have not been able to find out an answer as to why it is happening, other than it is a bug/feature of that release.

However what I do know is that it is fixable

Right click any connection and view properties. Next to the ‘save password’ option – which for security reasons should not be ticked – but I bet it is for most of us – is a box entitled ‘connection color’


The normal connection style has a box with a cross through which stands for None or no color (as in the diagram). The ones with the greyed connection seem to default to a shade of grey (one of 50 ?). So the fix is to reset the color back to NONE again.

I have actually started changing my production connections to red now, just as a reminder that it is a live system and to be extra careful



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