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3 Responses to “OEM 12 AWR Warehouse – Not quite the finished product (yet)”

  1. Faisal Ijaz said

    Hi John,

    Your observations are quite well stated. I think for a large Database estate where Role Swaps i.e. Data Guard Switchovers are done regularly, the two biggest let downs are:

    1) The current version of AWR Warehouse does not support Data Guarded targets. (As you have rightly mentioned)
    2) The current version also does not support a Warehouse Repository Database that has a standby.

    Point one is a must have for a large Database estate (like ours) in my view.

    I went on a call with Oracle Product Manager for AWR Warehouse who mentioned that the Development Team are looking to address the first issue as a priority i.e. Support for Data Guarded Targets in EM 13c (most probably not EM 13C Release 1 but some what later mid 2016-ish). The 2nd issue will take longer to address.

    • John Hallas said

      Thanks Faisal, it is good to hear that Oracle have recognised the issue with Data Guard and switchover. I was concious that 13c had been released and I did not know how many of the issues it might have fixed as we have not tested it yet.
      The challenge with having a devleopment OEM environment is getting enough targets and workload to make it a realistic test. When we put anything into production I always have my fingers crossed as the testing in non-prod cannot be that substantial.

  2. […] he mentioned that specifying a shared location for the extract metadata did not work, and was waiting on a fix […]

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