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One million blog views reached

Posted by John Hallas on June 22, 2015

This morning I will pass the 1 million mark for hits on this blog. My first post was written in 2008 and I remember being quite pleased with myself when I reached 5000 hits, I never dreamt of getting 1 million.

The post with the most number of hits is

One that I get still comments on now saying how well it explains what the SQL92_SECURITY parameter actually does

I think my current favourite is a piece that I wrote with no preparation in an hour about what I think a good DBA Manager should be doing. It does not mean I am such a person but it does demonstrate what I think is important about that role

I still use many of the posts myself because the main reason for starting the blog was to capture issues and problems I had come across. One script I find very useful is

and is a standard script we use a lot at my site and is invaluable

Thanks to everyone for reading and being followers. I will continue to write new posts just as long as I keep on doing technical hands-on work although I am spending more time managing than doing these days. I still really enjoy being an Oracle DBA and I have never regretted moving back into that area after spending several years as a technical project manager – which I enjoyed a lot and I still do some PM’ing  now. I was the saddo who was spotted on a beach in Majorca on a family holiday reading Jonathan Lewis’s 8i book


One Response to “One million blog views reached”

  1. mwidlake said

    Congratulations John – I’m some way behind you on that one, but one of my top blogs (number 4) is also about sysaux and why it can be full of stuff!

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