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Serious BUG alert – RMAN Duplicate overwrites datafiles at original location

Posted by John Hallas on February 11, 2014

Please be aware of the serious bug identified with RMAN duplicate database on the same node with versions and

Bug 13498382  ORA-1122 ORA-1208 RMAN Duplicate overwrites datafiles at original location despite db_create_file_dest

This note gives a brief overview of bug 13498382.
The content was last updated on: 07-FEB-2014
Click here for details of each of the sections below.


Product (Component) Oracle Server (Rdbms)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions BELOW 12.2
Versions confirmed as being affected
Platforms affected Generic (all / most platforms affected)


The fix for 13498382 is first included in

Interim patches may be available for earlier versions – click here to check.


Related To:


New name for datafile created during recover may not be populated during the switch and catalog steps of duplicate command.

You can be affected by this issue if you execute the following steps with RMAN :

1. Take a backup from database using RMAN
    backup database;
    sql 'alter system switch logfile'

2. A datafile is added to the source database, or new tablespace is created
    create tablespace TC;
    sql 'alter system switch logfile'

3. RMAN Duplicated is executed to another DB on the same host.

     connect target sys/pwd@DB1
     connect auxiliary sys/pwd;
     run   {
     set until sequence <seq#>;
     duplicate target database to DB2;

4. The DB is recovered past the point in time the datafile was added

5. The datafile is created to the original location, instead of created at DB_FILE_CREATE_DEST, overwriting the file at SOURCE

At SOURCE, we see the datafile going OFFLINE after a checkpoint

Read of datafile '+DG/db_unique_name/datafile/tc.1232.769779085' (fno 7) header failed with ORA-01208
Rereading datafile 7 header failed with ORA-01208
Errors in file /diag/rdbms/db_name/db_unique_name/trace/db_unique_name_ckpt_9604.trc:

ORA-63999: data file suffered media failure
ORA-01122: database file 7 failed verification check
ORA-01110: data file 7: '+DG/db_unique_name/datafile/tc.1232.769779085'
ORA-01208: data file is an old version - not accessing current version

 At TARGET / AUX, we see the datafile being created at original location

alter database recover logfile  '+DG/db_unique_name/archivelog/2011_12_13/thread_1_seq_934.1321.769779115'

Media Recovery Log +DG/db_unique_name/archivelog/2011_12_13/thread_1_seq_934.1321.769779115
File #7 added to control file as 'UNNAMED00007'. Originally created as: '+DG/db_unique_name/datafile/tc.1232.769779085'
Errors with log +DG/db_unique_name/archivelog/2011_12_13/thread_1_seq_934.1321.769779115
Recovery interrupted!

2 Responses to “Serious BUG alert – RMAN Duplicate overwrites datafiles at original location”

  1. vkaminsky said

    Thank you John, I’ve distributed this further. Scary, to say the least.

  2. Tim Chien said

    Hi, I work in the Oracle RMAN product management team..please note that this bug has been fixed in DBPSU. If you are seeing otherwise, pls let me know.

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