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2014 technology ambitions – just the two

Posted by John Hallas on January 6, 2014

As this the traditional time to layout resolutions for the year here are my 2 database related ones.

To understand more about some of the newer technologies and to advance my use of APEX as a means of providing reporting information around the systems and people I manage.

Having worked with the base Oracle RDBMS, and latterly SQL Server, for around 20 years I must admit that I am not as familiar with such terms as Hadoop and NoSQL and systems such as MongoDb and Cassandra as I would like to be. My aim is to do some reading and research to get me to a level such that I could in theory respond to this article which I found to be an interesting take on current technologies.

Iggy Fernandez has been writing a set of 12 articles around the subject of NOSQL and I have found them to be both well-written and informative.

In terms of Hadoop, a key phrase I read was “moving computation is more efficient than moving data”. I have not found any great introductory references to Hadoop as yet and most things I Google seem to be quite old (well in computer technology terms at least) – maybe 3-4 years old. However it is an area that seems to be growing especially in industries that generate vast amounts of data – telecoms being one. If anyone has any good sources of Hadoop information please feel free to comment

I am quite familiar with APEX as being a native Web application development framework for the Oracle Database and it can be designed to run large sites such as Liverpool Victoria Insurance  and Oracle Store being just two well-known sites. However I am more interested in the ease and simplicity with which management information reporting can be delivered with little effort and no deep knowledge.

Admittedly, unless you develop themes using CSS or similar, all the applications look very similar and possibly quite basic. However the power that can be delivered in terms of reporting capability is quite significant relative to effort required. We currently use Apex applications to manage many aspects of the database team’s activities – call-out recording, lieu-time, code deployment recording, ongoing activities and many more things and the whole set of applications fit into a nice framework. What I want to look at is to see what other opportunities we have and to spread the use of APEX outside the DBA team into a wider IT Service arena.


3 Responses to “2014 technology ambitions – just the two”

  1. Hi John,
    Mark Rittman has been writing and presenting on Hadoop etc quite a lot recently. There’s some posts on the blog that might get you started :

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