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UKOUG – Tech13 – day 3 review

Posted by John Hallas on December 5, 2013

Another busy day at the Manchester Central complex. An early start with Martin Nash talking about RAC connectivity issues and bugettes. Very interesting but I don’t think my brain was fully in gear at 08:30 after a big hotel breakfast.

Straight into another two-man CERN presentation on Lost Writes. The first half was  about a scenario they had seen where an index has lost some data and frankly there was no explanation for what caused it to happen. However the second part was around how you might deal with the scenario and that was very good and gave a lot of food for thought.

Jonathan Lewis then spoke for an hour about histograms and how they had developed in 12c. There were some really good points made but I suspect he lost some of the audience about half way through – including myself – I did notice a man in front of me who was doing a Sudoku throughout the presentation.

I did my AWR talk and felt it went OK but because there was no time to talk to anyone afterwards and as I did not get  much audience feedback it was quite hard to judge how well it went. The first time  I did it was at a SIG and I think the low-key, less time-pressured environment suited the talk much  more than the conference.

That was the end of the conference for me. I caught up with a  couple of people and then made my way home. All in all it was a very well run conference and the Manchester venue was better than Birmingham in my opinion.  I really cannot see the exhibition carrying on though. I did not look at one stand and I suspect there were many others who did not either. I cannot see what  the exhibitors got out of it.

I must mention the entertainment on Tuesday  evening which was a drinks reception sponsored by Enkitec and Delphix at the National Football Museum. I was very pleased to get my photograph taken holding the actual ball used in the 1966 World Cup Final. I think everyone was asked to wear gloves but it might just have been me!!



3 Responses to “UKOUG – Tech13 – day 3 review”

  1. Hi John

    I was at your ukoug talk and took away a lot from it, really good and worthwhile hour.

    It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. Will you be posting your example scripts you showed on screen?


    • John Hallas said

      Thanks Ian, I am glad you found it useful. I have uploaded my presentation onto the UKOUG site but I will send you the scripts directly tomorrow.


      • Faisal Ijaz said

        Hi John,

        I attended the UKOUG Session at Great Portland Street Last year Jul 2013 and half attended you presentation which I found very intreguing.

        Can you send me a copy of it as well please.



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