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UKOUG Tech13 day 1 review

Posted by John Hallas on December 3, 2013

UKOUG conference day 1 and to my eye there does not seem to be that many differences between Manchester Central and Birmingham ICC.  Lots of smaller halls and a large main hall,  a similar lunch available, the same lack of seating. I understand that attendance is seen comparable as well. Overall I see it as a refreshing change which will suit some and not others.  Make or break is the quality of the drinks do later on – that will be reported on tomorrow.

An early start for a standing room only talk by Carl Dudley on Flashback in 11g and 12c. A really good handout was provided, which negated the need to attend the presentation. Nice factual presentation of the capabilities and options of recovering data. Would have been nice to have seen a bit more real-world ideas and examples but a session that I would recommend downloading the paper later.

Andy Colvin of Enkitec talked about 12C RMAN new features. He covered recovery of a table from an RMAN backup and I proposed my unproven theory that it might be possible to use the functionality in 11GR2 (using the 12c binaries) and he suggested trying it in – the story continues. He also mentioned the role SYSBACKUP which takes away the need for the RMAN user to have select any table privilege. Someone in the audience stated that you might not have permission to read a table before you do a restore but you will afterwards which proved to be true. Looks like an Oracle bug. I think Andy learnt as much as the audience did. An hour well spent.

I did attend a presentation which I walked out of. I felt that the presenter was divulging too much about poor practises / long turnarounds at companies which he named. He then went into blatant advertising mode. Out I walked.

Then the CERN people were talking about latency. Lots of examples which were very good and some demos of a few tools they have created and seem to be publicly available. Well worth searching out. However I do not understand the concept of people sharing a presentation. Quite frankly one of the presenters added little value, perhaps it was a way of getting more speaker badges.

I also went to another CERN talk by David Wojcik on Cardinality feedback in 12C. This had the potential of being interesting but it was much too rushed and I doubt many in the audience came away much better informed. It was a pity because I think the slides are worthy of download and review.

My last one of the day was Martin Bach doing a non-technical presentation  – shock and horror. This was about how to manage engineered systems (or Exadata if you are in the Oracle world). An interesting and challenging talk and one that I really enjoyed. I did take issue with him re one of his recommendations and that started off what was quite a lively chat afterwards with most of the audience remaining.

Oh and the Manchester climate was quite mild, compared with ice and snow that I have suffered in Birmingham in recent years.

My final thought. Walking back to my hotel I saw a pub called The Ape and Apple. That must be worthy of some research as to what the name signifies and how it came about.


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