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Ready for UKOUG Tech13

Posted by John Hallas on November 27, 2013

I have downloaded the agenda app for UKOUG Tech 13 – Mon 2nd – Wed 4th December in  Manchester and I have selected the talks I want to attend.

Primarily they are from the database streams with a bit of Engineered systems (Exadata for me) thrown in. Undoubtedly the release of 12C has generated many of the talks and that is all very good – exactly what the conference is there for – to find out what is new and which new features work well or can be adopted easily with real benefit.

I am disappointed that my talk has not been made the keynote speech but there is always next year. Only joshing

I am speaking at 11:30 about building and managing of an AWR repository. In a way I wish I had tried to do 2 talks , one on implementing the system and the other on what you could do with it. That is the part that really enthuses me and I feel I could generate a  talking shop around those ideas for the whole session. Bring it on I say. It is a pity I am up against Niall Lichfield and Martin Bach, both very experienced professionals and good presenters. However my consolation is knowing how upset they will be about not being able to attend my talk. 🙂

Overall the agenda looks very strong and I am attending on all 3 days – not the Sunday though. It certainly looks full on starting at 09:00 on the Monday and running through until tea-time on the Wednesday

I think my only surprise is Tom Kyte is giving a keynote speech late on the last day and I suspect that he will not be that well-attended as people start to drift off home. I hope I am proved wrong.

I have been doing a bit of a Movember so I am posting a current photo. Mind you the growth might be gone by Monday as we will be into December then.



5 Responses to “Ready for UKOUG Tech13”

  1. Dom Brooks said

    I intend to be in the audience.
    Whilst I’ve seen the slides from the SIG, I’ve not heard the presentation and a cross-system AWR repository is very much something I’m pushing to look at.


    • John Hallas said

      Great Dom. It will be good to meet. I am very enthusiastic about what we have delivered and it is almost going the way of Big Data, a cache full of interesting bits of info which can be mined in different ways

  2. Scott Chisholm said

    Look forward to seeing the slides John. An AWR repository has a wealth of data that can be used to mine some great historical analysis. It’s a good one to share.

  3. Absolutely, I’d definitely have wanted to see your talk. I was particularly interested in what you see as the differences and advantages/disadvantages compared to the EM metric repository in a Cloud/Grid Control Installation.

    • John Hallas said

      Good question re OEM output. I will try and address it in my talk. Without doubt if I want serious Unix server information I will ask the Unix team to deliver it. However from a DBA perspective, often all we need is memory and CPU stats and OEM can gather them quite well, albeit not at a granular level.

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