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Building an AWR repository – UKOUG SIG presentation

Posted by John Hallas on July 10, 2013

I am pleased to be presenting at the UKOUG AIM and Database SIG  in London on Thursday 18th July. I am talking about building and using an AWR repository.

My precis reads This talk will cover the whole process of managing an AWR repository that will take feeds from many databases for long-term retention and analysis. It will cover the reasons to do this, how to size the repository and then how to move AWR snapshots into the repository. The management of the repository including partitioning advice, compression and gathering of statistics as well as how to housekeep the AWR repository will also be covered.

This presentation will be of real value to anyone who is looking for reasons to set up a repository and practical experience and lessons learnt on how best to do it. I will also provide a few example scripts of how it can be used and real-world examples of when it has proved useful.

Whilst I am not suggesting that my talk is a must see, I do think it offers good food for thought as to what might be achievable in mining AWR data. I am also hoping that audience feedback will generate other ideas.

More importantly, in my opinion, the day offers some good speakers and excellent talks, or maybe the other way around and should be attended if you possibly can. I think the UKOUG have a try before you buy offer but you need to confirm that from their website


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