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UKOUG Database Server SIG in Leeds, May 9th 2013

Posted by John Hallas on February 11, 2013

Last time a database server SIG was held in Leeds we had a very good attendance and hopefully this will be repeated on Thursday May 9th 2013 when the Metropole Hotel will be the host. This 4 star hotel is very conveniently placed not more than a couple of hundred yards from the station and should be a very good venue.

As always we are looking for good presentations from UKOUG members so that we can have a really strong database focused agenda.

If anyone wishes to present for the first time this would be a good opportunity but experienced presenters are always welcome. I am responsible for pulling the agenda together this time and hope I am inundated with offers.

The UKOUG link is here if anybody wishes to get more details or offer their support.

As a side note for Yorkshire based Oracle DBAs, Eter Pani has been organising meet-ups at the Adelphi for the last couple of months and the week before last we had 10 people attend for a night of chat about football, beer, and many other topics, as well as small measure of database stuff. It was a really good chance to meet others in the same job in the same area.  You never know it might make the next interview you go for easier if you have had a few beers previously with one of the interviewing panel. There again if you did not get a round in it might not have been a good move.

When I know the date of the next one I will post a note on this blog.



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