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Nice notebook style blog site

Posted by John Hallas on December 29, 2011

It is not often that I would post just to mention someone else’s blog but there is always a first time.

In the idle time that generally happens between Xmas and New Year I was catching up with various mails that I  had marked as ‘follow-up – today’, which is quite a misnomer for me as I rarely follow-up and never on the same day. I came across a post from Karl Arao on Oracle-L in which he mentioned a  script stored on a site he runs.

Karl describes it as “Just another web notebook about Oracle,Linux,Troubleshooting,Performance,etc..etc” and that is a good summary. It just contains excerpts of notes and lots of links to other web articles. It just seems a different format to most blogs and I found it interesting to browse down the r/h menu list and look at a few interesting notelets. I suspect mots of us have something similar, mine is a Word document called although it is 5 years and 6 sites since I worked there. The difference is that this is an online shared utility and that is what attracted it to me.

Karl no doubt will be sending me as hamper as a thank you for directing thousands of hits to his site.

My next 2 posts will cover  :-

  • altering WRI$_OPTSTAT_SYNOPSIS  tables to speed up the gathering of stats
  • adding a trigger to detect when a standby database is open, in which case it will  to turn off the dataguard broker.

There I have committed myself  – but note that I am using the nowait option of commit so it might be a while

Best wishes to my readers in 2012.




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