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The value of UKOUG presentation feedback

Posted by John Hallas on October 10, 2011

One of the benefits of presenting at UKOUG, whether it be a SIG or the Conference is the feedback received from the audience via the questionnaire. I received mine for the ADR presentation I did at the Unix SIG recently. I was pleased to see I received very positive marks and the comments were supportive. Probably the most important factor to me was the marks given for presentation skills which were good and seem to get better with each presentation, which should not be too much of a surprise.

I think self-development is an important part of presenting. Yes I know the altruistic believe it should all be for the audience but I am happy to take away confidence and self-belief from my experiences. I set myself a target originally of doing a SIG presentation and then a conference presentation. My next step was to talk on a technical subject which has now been achieved and my final objective is to try and do an interactive technical demonstration using a laptop. At the moment I have no idea on what that will be about and I have no timescale so I can consider it a work in progress at the moment.


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