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ADR presentation done and dusted

Posted by John Hallas on September 23, 2011

I was pleased with my the presentation on ADR I gave yesterday at the Unix SIG in Reading. The timing was bang on at 60 minutes and the audience had not seen or used many of the features I discussed so that was a bonus. I had the benefit of being able to give the same talk two days earlier to a team of DBAs at work and I learned a lot from the comments I received and that made for a better presentation yesterday.

One question I was asked afterwards was ‘ are Health Monitor and Support Workbench Enterprise Edition features or are they also available in Standard Edition?’. As we do not use Standard Edition I could only hazard a guess that these were tools that were advantageous to Oracle support as well as users and therefore I figured that they would be included in both editions. I have since looked at the list of features for 11GR1 and can see nothing that suggests that the features are licenseable or are different between editions. If anybody knows different then please feel free to correct me.

The presentation is available in PDF format from the UKOUG site,  provided you have a member access that is.


2 Responses to “ADR presentation done and dusted”

  1. nlitchfield said

    IIRC They are available with SE John. They certainly don’t appear as a feature of either EE or any of the management packs. Well done on the presentation.

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