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Upcoming ADR presentation at UKOUG

Posted by John Hallas on September 16, 2011

I am presenting a talk around the use of the Automatic Diagnostic Repository at the UKOUG SIG in Reading on 22nd September 2011. I will be covering, amongst other things, the management of files, the Health Monitor, incidents and problems and the Support Workbench utility. I am hoping that, whilst everyone will probably be already aware of ADR, some of the things I mention might be new or have not been fully looked at before. The Health Monitor was new to me and the ease of use of the Support Workbench when raising an SR is certainly the way forward.

I will also be quite critical of how ADR has been delivered, particularly in respect of the management of diagnostic data and the trace and alert logs that are generated. ADR currently lacks features such as the management of the alert log which still needs external management using such commands as logrotate on unix. The standard alert log has not been replaced by an alert log in xml format (log.xml) and the old alert log is only created for backward compatibility and is not guaranteed to be available in the future. Listener logs are not purged and there are ongoing problems in removing core dumps (on HPUX at least). Overall I will be suggesting that ADR is not as automatic as it could be but some of the additional features other than file management are well worth investigating.

I look forward to meeting fellow UKOUG members and hopefully I may learn a few new things about ADR myself if I get good audience interaction.


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