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UKOUG Conference 2011 – Call for papers

Posted by John Hallas on April 13, 2011

The UKOUG Conference to be held in Birmingham (5th – 7th December 2011 ) is looking for presentations on: real life business experiences; in depth product analysis, new product overviews and everything else in between.

 New for 2011: in order to enhance the agenda there are new topic listings, so to get familiar with what to submit your presentation under click here.

Reminder of how to apply
1) Complete your Speaker Application form, please note there are new questions this year
2) Submit your abstracts: The judging abstract is to be of 50 – 200 words and a marketing abstract of no more than 400 characters (including spaces and quotation on your intended presentation.
3) Refer to the speaker guidelines for tips, if you have any questions or need a refresher.

As previously, your abstract(s) will then be evaluated by the agenda planning committee, comprised of members of the UK Oracle User Group community and confirmation of whether your abstract has been selected onto the agenda will be sent via email in September.

Submission deadline: Sunday 5th June 2011

As a first-time speaker last year I did not find it  too intimidating, athough I was in one of the smaller  halls, not the main stage areas and  would encourage anyone to try it. I think the best advice would be to ensure that you get chance to practise your speech in advance, either to work colleagues or a UKOUG SIG.  I found that presenting to a group on non-database people at work including  architects, managers and unix admins was very helpful and much better than trying the talk out with fellow DBAs where you felt the need to either miss out the simpler bits or elaborate and get side-tracked from the planned speech.

Good luck to all those who submit entries and to those who are chosen to speak.


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