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UKOUG 2010 – Day 3

Posted by John Hallas on December 2, 2010

First up on Wednesday morning was Joel Goodman with a pretty comprehensive coverage of Grid Infrastructure. He overran by about ten minutes and you got the feeling that he could have carried on for another hour given the opportunity. Yet another presentation that it would be worthwhile downloading the slides for [provided you are an UKOUG member]. He mentioned a number of posts that were on his blog site and it looks to be well worth investigating Joel Goodman

Whoever produced Mark McGill’s slides deserves some credit, presumably that was Mark himself. I was very impressed with them and he delivered them well. Pretty much a summary of what is available now to do performance diagnostics but members of the audience were scribbling furiously. Included a very nice and clear definition and example of what bind-peaking is and why it can be a problem.

Tanel Poder was not what I expected at all. I walked in expecting to hear the internals of Oracle internals themselves and he gave a pretty much non-technical talk about trouble-shooting. It was good though and quite interesting. I felt he talked a bit too much about his background at the beginning but I suppose if I was an OCM then I would mention it as well.

John  Hallas  – database standards , the highlight of the conference. OK maybe not.

My wife and I have a friend who owns a comedy club in Leeds and a group of us had invites on Saturday night. I was given a seat on the front row and the feeling of dread I experienced then about being picked on by the comedians returned as I stood waiting to begin my presentation. (At least nobody asked me today when I last had an erection,  which is what happened to me on Saturday. Now how many Oracle blogs have content like that in them !!!). It is re-assuring when you see people taking notes but it also pretty disconcerting when you see an audience member fast asleep. Overall I got across what I wanted to say and I had some good feedback from attendees afterwards.

I had heard a lot of positive things about Martin Bach and his talk on DataGuard problems and fixes did not let me down. Glad to see he was promoting using snapshot standby databases as that is a really cool feature that came in with 11GR1 and at no additional cost. I will blog in the near future about how we use them and some of the scripts we have to manage things.

Today was  a good day somewhat blighted by the prospect of spending another night in Birmingham due to the weather. Sorry Brummies.


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