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PSU 4 causes ORA-01237: cannot extend datafile

Posted by John Hallas on September 6, 2010

After applying PSU 4 on Oracle RDBMS home, we saw  the below error whilst extending a datafile:

SQL>ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '+DATA/sid/datafile/system.276.723752265' RESIZE 1524816K;
ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '+DATA/sid/datafile/system.276.723752265' RESIZE 1524816K
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01237: cannot extend datafile 2
ORA-01110: data file 2: '+DATA/sid/datafile/system.276.723752265'
ORA-17505: ksfdrsz:1 Failed to resize file to size 190602 blocks
ORA-15061: ASM operation not supported [41]

Solution. The problem is  that we are using separate installations for the ASM and RDBM binaries and there is a conflict betwen the two if PSU 4 has not been applied to both sets of binaries. Therefore PSU needs to be applied to the ASM binaries as well.

Not a major issue but a trap that is easy enough to fall into.
a) Apply OPatch to have the latest version i.e.
b) Apply PSU 4 patch (9654987)

 SQL>ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '+DATA/sid/datafile/system.283.723752313' RESIZE 1524816K;
Database altered.

Metalink Id: ORA-15061 reported while doing a file operation with 11.1 or 11.2 ASM after PSU applied in database home [ID 1070880.1]


One Response to “PSU 4 causes ORA-01237: cannot extend datafile”

  1. Kumar said

    Hi John
    This is true for PSU2 as well. We experienced the same behavior when we had RDBMS at PSU2 and ASM at PSU1


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