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11GR2 for HPUX now available

Posted by John Hallas on December 22, 2009

As the title states 11GR2 is now available for HPUX on Itanium.

Co-incidentally I had my first foray into VMware over the last few days and yesterday got an 11GR2 database built (OEL 5.3)

Initial impressions were that the installer is much cleaner but I have not done anything else with it as yet.

My list of 11GR2 new features that I wanted to investigate includes

11Gr2  Duplicate without connecting to target database
11GR2 OCR disks can now be stored on ASM
11GR2 Oracle restart – autostart ASM/Db/listener 
11GR2 Zero Downtime Patching – CRS/RAC
11GR2 Remote database jobs. 
11GR2 Enterprise Manager Support Workbench 
11GR2 Audit trail management/housekeeping new features

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