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Upcoming, my first SIG talk

Posted by John Hallas on December 16, 2009

I am making my first presentation to a SIG meeting in January when I talk about how my company has moved from a site where Oracle was almost non-existent less than two years ago to one that is now delivering what seems to be every product that Oracle has invented (or purchased). It won’t be a ‘how great we are’ approach but rather how making some simple but fundamental decisions have made it much easier to build and support a large and growing infrastructure.

I will be talking about having a set of standards that are very simple but are a fundamental building block in our aim of having the same look and feel across the estate and how a small number of setup scripts can make life so much easier.

I will probably diverge from the straight and narrow and discuss our experiences of running a centralised OEM solution and given we currently have 7 open SRs raised referencing Grid problems I haved an inkling of which way it may be slanted.  However I hope that by the time of the talk I can be much more positive because there is  lot to be said for OEM.

The date is 21st January 2010 in London and an abstract can be seen in the Unix SIG  agenda

I hope to see some of you there


6 Responses to “Upcoming, my first SIG talk”

  1. Hi John

    Thanks for promoting the SIG meeting and good luck preparing the presentation. I’m looking forward to it.



  2. raymond said

    Hi John,

    I subscribe to your RSS all the while and just know that you also have experience on doing thing which i’m doing right now..

    such as setting standard in build , installation , security and etc .

    Although we are running a sharepoint but i found it lack of feature and user ability as well.

    I stay in malaysia and i dont think i able to attend this Unix SIG forum.

    but will like to know how you implement it . Currently we are managing 1200 instance with 12 DBA cross around 8 Oracle and 4 SQL DBA.

  3. coskan said


    It was a very nice and very informative presentation and you were looking very relax despite this was your first presentation. I was very impressed about making a standard environment with “small” things.
    If you weren’t in Bredford I would probably ask for a place in your team:)

    I hope you keep going on givin presentations. Was a pleasure to meet you.

    • John Hallas said

      Coskan, you should have introduced yourself properly. I know I was talking to you afterwards but did not realise who you were.
      Thanks for commenting and don’t forget to give me good feedback on the SIG form
      Bradford is not that bad 🙂

      • coskan said

        I have big problems about introducing myself 🙂 I am working on this bad habit of mine. I was planning to join pub but my wife was waiting 😦

        Sure Bradford is not bad but it is too far away from where I live 🙂

        Filling the feedback form is always the first thing I do in the next morning and I am sure you will get very nice feedbacks at least thats the impression I got from audience.

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