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Managing control files in ASM

Posted by John Hallas on September 28, 2009

Just a couple of notes on how to create multiple ASM control files and moving control files toa different diskgroup.

Assuming we already have a ASM control file in the DATA diskgroup and we wish to add one to the FRA diskgroup

 SQL>show parameter control_files
alter system set control_files='+DATA','+FRA' scope=spfile;
shutdown immediate;
startup nomount;
rman target
/restore controlfile from '+DATAHR/MHRPRD1A/CONTROLFILE/current.730.698514673';
alter database mount;
alter database open;
SQL>show parameter control_files
+DATA/SID/controlfile/current.730.698514673, +FRAHR/SID/controlfile/current.766.698514673


Here is an example of how to migrate from one ASM diskgroup to another

Add the new disk discovery path in (if needed), create a diskgroup and add disks

alter system set asm_diskstring='/dev/oracle','/dev/oracle_hr/r*';

create diskgroup DATANEW  external redundancy disk '/dev/oracle_hr/rdisk1','/dev/oracle_hr/rdisk2';

SQL>show parameter control_files

control_files                        string      +DATA10/SID/controlfile/c urrent.796.695384211
alter system set CONTROL_FILES = '+DATANEW' scope=spfile

rman target /
startup nomount
restore controlfile  from  '/+DATA/SID/controlfile/current.796.695384211';
alter database mount;
alter database open;

5 Responses to “Managing control files in ASM”

  1. Ralph Spangler said

    This is good info that you post and I have seen it in other posts also. How can you do it without rman?

  2. […] John Hallas-Managing control files in ASM […]

  3. Vikas Bagga said

    I wrote an email earlier. My question was in response to this blog on moving the files. I want to move my files within the same ASM diskgroup.
    Can i use this method or what modifications I would need?

  4. Zama Racha said

    Hi Mate!

    How does it work in RAC11gR2?


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