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Regressing an Opatch version

Posted by John Hallas on September 18, 2009

According to Metalink the only supported  way to regress to the version of Opatch that was installed is to re-install. However Opatch is a self-contained directory and the contents can be copied from another base installation.

Why would I want to regress the Opatch version. Let me explain with the commands I used.

Database version (which gives opatch version  

I wanted to install the PSU patch which requires a leter version of opatch ( What I should have done was copy the opatch folder and save ready for a restore. However I didn’t and when the PSU patch failed due to issues with previously applied patches I had trouble applying the April 2009 CPU patch.

I followed these steps to resolve the problem

Secure existing folder and remove contents


tar cvf OPatch.20090917_local.tar ./OPatch

rm -R OPatch

Logon onto the remote server and tar the OPatch folder up and ftp to the local server. Note use a different name for the tar file so as not to overwrite the tar files that you have just created.

tar cvf OPatch.20090917_remote.tar ./OPatch

Back on the local server unzip the tar file and check the version of opatch

tar xvf OPatch.20090917_remote.tar 

a./OPatch/docs/FAQ 31 blocks
a ./OPatch/docs/Users_Guide.txt 38 blocks
a ./OPatch/docs/Prereq_Users_Guide.txt 25 blocks
a ./OPatch/jlib/opatch.jar 1415 blocks
a ./OPatch/jlib/opatchutil.jar 270 blocks
a ./OPatch/jlib/opatchprereq.jar 242 blocks
a ./OPatch/jlib/opatchactions.jar 142 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatch 14 blocks
a ./OPatch/ 6 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatch.ini 1 blocks
a ./OPatch/ 38 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatchprereqs/oui/knowledgesrc.xml 2 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatchprereqs/opatch/opatch_prereq.xml 60 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatchprereqs/opatch/rulemap.xml 5 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatchprereqs/opatch/runtime_prereq.xml 1 blocks
a ./OPatch/opatchprereqs/ 1 blocks

opatch version
Invoking OPatch

OPatch Version:

One Response to “Regressing an Opatch version”

  1. odenysenko said


    I just don’t understand why You need to move to older version of opatch utility
    if it’s backward compatible.
    Even more – Oracle recommends to use latest available
    version of opatch for your release.
    So it’s good to have version even You wasn’t successful with PSU installation.


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