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How to format a wordpress blog – question

Posted by John Hallas on May 6, 2009

I type an an entry up in Word, nicely formatted with all code indented and with a 25% grey background. Font size set to 10pt.

I paste the entry into WP using the ‘Paste from Word’ icon and all the formatting is lost and I have every line of code triplespaced by the look of things.

I often spend more time formatting an entry here than I do actually creating it (yes I know, they read like I have rushed them through).

Does anybody have any ideas or even the contents of a word style that they use that copies into WP succcessfully 





4 Responses to “How to format a wordpress blog – question”

  1. Pete Scott said

    I have never been happy with cut and paste from Word – there are so many “hidden” items that break the formatting.

    If you use Word 2007 there is an option to “publish” to blog – you need to tell word the blog url and passwords and it uses a publish API to send the content up – whether this is flexible enough for you though I can’t say…
    Older Word versions did not do this, but a standalone App LiveWriter could do much the same thing

  2. I’ve seen windows live writer to be a good formatting tool. Word 2007 does publish but i’ve had formatting issues with that too.

  3. Eric Elzinga said

    Copy/paste from word always gives you a lot of useless “word” formatting tags. Why not just style your blog in a good html editor and copy/paste from there ?

  4. John Hallas said

    Thanks all. Still struggling a bit.
    I used live writer but that formatting was no better than my post from word.

    I used UltraEdit which helped a bit but I still had to add break tags after every line of code and I could not get the indent and background colour tags to work within WordPress.

    Any more help appreciated

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