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Location of diagnostic directories in 11g

Posted by John Hallas on April 3, 2009

Since the advent of 11g and the use of diagnostic_dest there is no requirement to create the bdump/cdump/udump  and other directories required for oracle trace and admin files. Well, that is true if you are happy to accept the default location under $ORACLE_BASE. However the path to the trace area where alert logs and dump files are kept is a long one and I prefer  to use an alias to get there.

In the .profile I set up two aliases to point to the trace areas for ASM and whichever database my current SID is set to

alias diagdest=’cd $ORACLE_BASE/`adrci exec=”show homes” | grep $ORACLE_SID`/trace’

alias diagdestasm=’cd $ORACLE_BASE/`adrci exec=”show homes” | grep ASM`/trace’

I am sure there are other ways of setting a similar alias and I am happy to hear of any that others use


2 Responses to “Location of diagnostic directories in 11g”

  1. Vikas Bagga said

    I have read with great interest your blog on ASM.
    I recently migrated a production database running on raw devices (for testing ASM storage)using RMAN methodology. All is fine.
    My question now is I want to rename my PROD database to TEST and also change the ASM structure to be pointing to TEST. Thus I am looking to rename all my datafiles (150+).
    I have researched and there are 2 methods using rman copy/switch/sql alter/recover (sounds very long and has too many steps) second is using aliases.
    Can you suggest something fast and efficient and least error prone?

  2. John said

    I managed to get one alias set as ” alias ddest=’cd $ORACLE_HOME/../../diag/rdbms/$lcsid/$ORACLE_SID/trace'”

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