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11G DB Console with EM Grid Agent

Posted by John Hallas on February 10, 2009


This blog shows how to run  DB console in conjunction with Enterprise Manager Grid.


Why would I want to do both, well purely because DB console is at whereas the latest version of EM Grid agent is The new db console has additional functionality to manage RAC, RMAN and Data Guard which is not available from EM.


The initial errors I received when trying to create a db console repository was that the SYSMAN user already existed. This is created within the database as part of the DBCA build. Once that user was dropped I received one error after another until I finally got the order of commands correct. From the source database (not the  EM OMS database)


drop user sysman cascade;

drop role mgmt_user;

drop user mgmt_view cascade;

drop public synonym MGMT_TARGET_BLACKOUTS;


Now we drop the repository (if it exists) and any existing public synonyms or views that may cause the repository create to fail. Bug 6111734 details some issues in this area and Metalink note 470246.1 gives some information, but not much


$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin/emdrep/bin/RepManager host 1522 SID -action drop

It requires some input and then lists all the actions that are taking place. Note the use of quiesce database.


Enter SYS user’s password :

Enter repository user name : SYSMAN

Getting temporary tablespace from database…

Found temporary tablespace: TEMP

Checking SYS Credentials … rem error switch


rem error switch

Dropping the repository..

Quiescing DB … Done.

Checking for Repos User … Exists.

Repos User exists..

Clearing EM Contexts … OK.

Dropping EM users …


Dropping Repos User … Done.

Dropping Roles/Synonymns/Tablespaces … Done.

Unquiescing DB … Done.

Dropped Repository Successfully.

The repository can be created in the normal manner using either



emca –repos create

emca –config dbcontrol db (to setup, this command can be repeated)



emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create




2 Responses to “11G DB Console with EM Grid Agent”

  1. Nice tip. Any news on 11g OEM?

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