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The ASM script of all ASM scripts !

Posted by John Hallas on February 1, 2009

The asm information script I use which gives me everything I think I need in one go.

If there are any queries that others find useful please comment on them and I will add them to the script.


Credit where credit is due. I think Alan Cooper wrote the original version, although it has been amended since then.


set wrap off

set lines 120

set pages 999

col “Group Name”   form a25

col “Disk Name”    form a30

col “State”  form a15

col “Type”   form a7

col “Free GB”   form 9,999



prompt ASM Disk Groups

prompt ===============

select group_number  “Group”

,      name          “Group Name”

,      state         “State”

,      type          “Type”

,      total_mb/1024 “Total GB”

,      free_mb/1024  “Free GB”

from   v$asm_diskgroup




prompt ASM Disks

prompt =========


col “Group”          form 999

col “Disk”           form 999

col “Header”         form a9

col “Mode”           form a8

col “Redundancy”     form a10

col “Failure Group”  form a10

col “Path”           form a19


select group_number  “Group”

,      disk_number   “Disk”

,      header_status “Header”

,      mode_status   “Mode”

,      state         “State”

,      redundancy    “Redundancy”

,      total_mb      “Total MB”

,      free_mb       “Free MB”

,      name          “Disk Name”

,      failgroup     “Failure Group”

,      path          “Path”

from   v$asm_disk

order by group_number

,        disk_number




prompt Instances currently accessing these diskgroups

prompt ==============================================

col “Instance” form a8

select c.group_number  “Group”

,          “Group Name”

,      c.instance_name “Instance”

from   v$asm_client c

,      v$asm_diskgroup g

where  g.group_number=c.group_number




prompt Current ASM disk operations

prompt ===========================

select *

from   v$asm_operation




prompt free ASM disks and their paths

prompt ===========================

select header_status , mode_status, path from V$asm_disk

where header_status in (‘FORMER’,’CANDIDATE’)



clear columns


4 Responses to “The ASM script of all ASM scripts !”

  1. Steeve said

    Copy pasting that will not work, maybe blog font or something, took me 5 min to rewrite

    • John Hallas said

      I don’t understand why Steve, I pasted it into notepad, word and SQL Developer with no problems. Is it just that page or other pages as well?
      Thank for posting though


  2. […] a script which I found very useful to review ASM disks. I gave that post the low-key title of The ASM script of all ASM scripts. Now that script has been improved I have to go a bit further with the hyperbole and we have the […]

  3. MASM eh? Now there’s an acronym from the past!

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