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Managing Oracle installations and binaries

Posted by John Hallas on January 30, 2009

I know it is a simple thing to do but my current site seems to manage and control Oracle software better than most others I have worked at. Normally I have seen Oracle binaries stored on a server somewhere. The process is to download to the target server, unzip and then install.

Here, on every new server build we have an auto-mounted mount point which has a read only access to a central server. The DBA team will copy a tar or zipped Oracle binary such as HPUX to the server . We ask the Unix team to create a directory and unzip the contents into that directory and hey presto. We don’t have write access to the folders which is fine and everything works like a dream. No searching a full mount point and coming across 3Gb of installation binaries that have been on the server for a year.

Apart from the ease of management and the effective use of disk space it also allows consistent build documentation. We can use response files and scripted installation scripts knowing that the location will not change.

That’s it folks. Nothing to clever but something that works.


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