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Posted by John Hallas on January 22, 2009

Platform HP Itanium. Oracle 11g ( installation).

Because an ANSI C compiler isn’t installed on all servers by default the genoccish script causes to fail. The problem only appears when running after an or installation

The error message is

chmod: can’t access

chmod: can’t change No such file or directory

Finished product-specific root actions.

Instructions that correct the issue are

vi $ORACLE_HOME/bin/genoccish and replace

#LD=“${CCCDIR}/opt/aCC/bin/aCC -Wl,+h,${OCCI_LIB} -b ${LD_BITNESS} -o ${LIB_DIR}/${OCCI_LIB} –  ,+forceload ${LIB_DIR}/${OCCI_ARC}”


LD=“ld +h ${OCCI_LIB} -b -o ${LIB_DIR}/${OCCI_LIB} +forceload ${LIB_DIR}/${OCCI_ARC}”


relink all

run as user root.

The Oracle reference is  bug 7651884 for 11gR1


There are a few options to resolve the issue


1)       Ignore

2)       Use a workaround by editing genoccish script and then relinking after the installation is complete. This only needs to be done once and not after every patch or change (unless genoccish is overwritten which is unlikely)

3)       If libocci is require then there are two solutions available from HP that are fully supported by Oracle development :-

1. Install the evaluation copy of the C++ compiler product. This trial version has all the functionality needed to relink applications, even after the evaluation period expires.
2. Use the aCC-Link product. Beginning with the 2008 releases of HP-UX 11i (v1, v2, and v3), there
is bundle installed with the core operating system environments called
HP-ACC-Link. This bundle contains the binary /usr/ccs/bin/aCC_link, which
properly re-links any C++ objects on any HP-UX platform.


I personally am in favour of 3(2) as I do not think it is best practise to ignore error messages (which could be hiding something else), we do not want any type of compiler on production servers and the edit genoccish option is a bit messy and time consuming, although it does work.



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