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First trip to UKOUG

Posted by John Hallas on December 2, 2008

I have never made it to UKOUG as I have been to mean to take time out from contracting. This year was different. I have been booked in for the first 3 days and this is my half-time report.

It is big, very, very big with, I think, 6 parallel streams ongoing at the same time.

The age range is pretty wide with many of the visitors aged 40 or over. (that suits me fine, being in that category myself).

The breadth of talks is tremendous, with everyone giving their best and obviously having spent much time on their presentations.

I am not sure how much business the exhibitors gain though. Perhaps it is just a good means of getting their names known.

The presentations. The one that I did not like was spoilt for me by the constant reference to  his peers ( ‘I was talking to Jonathan’, ‘Connor is here’, ‘Tom said to me’). No names no pack drill

Carl Dudley spoke very well on Flashback features, although it was a bit confusing as to which was available in each release. He was very well prepared and had some very good examples.

Tom Kite was another who obviously has much experience and had prepared some good examples. I heard his talks on encryption and ‘the best way’ and enjoyed them both very much. Jonathan Lewis was very professional as well.

The Tuesday morning keynote speech was about Exadata and that does seem a major leap forward in technology (for Oracle at least). Bad news if you work for Terradata.

I attended a talk by Slavic Markovich about protecting the database from sql injection attacks. Quite interesting but it lost me a little towards the end. I was interested about the concepts and will be viewing his site (Sentrigo) to check out some of his downloadable (is that a genuine word?) scripts.

Patrick Hurley talked about Data Pump and whilst I don’t think there was anything new to me it did remind me to write a wiki page at work containing sample parameter files for various types of expdp/impdp jobs. He started off a bit nervously but got into his stride well and I am sure could have talked for much longer. A very good session.

The best talk I have seen so far was from Pete Finnegan on security basics. I have done some work recently on setting up procedures for the production databases (which I may post soon) but he reminded how much there was still to do. My first job when I get back is to ensure that the *.ora files do not have world read on them.

Off to a talk on clusterware from Alex Gorbachev now.  More to follow tomorrow


3 Responses to “First trip to UKOUG”

  1. Thanks for the write-ups John, it’s especially nice to see how a first-time visitor perceives the conference.

    I do hope that the presenter who kept name dropping wasn’t me – it’s something I’m aware of and try to avoid – I think what can happen though is that you have an email or face to face conversation with someone, and then if something resonates or kicks of ideas you want to ensure that you give credit where it is due. That said I know it’s extremely annoying – and unhelpful.

  2. John Hallas said

    Thanks Niall. As I am sure you are aware, any feedback is appreciated. I enjoyed your presentation and I can confirm that have not mentioned the name of the ‘name-dropper’ in either of the blogs.

  3. Dan Norris said

    It sounds like you’ve been to some good sessions. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about Alex’s session. I’m always impressed with Alex and his sessions too! Thanks for the writeup–I’m living vicariously through blogs this week while I enjoy the snow here in Chicagoland :).

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