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Using cconsole to run multiple console windows

Posted by John Hallas on March 11, 2008

Sometimes it is useful to be able to run the same command from a number of windows all at the same time. Solaris have the command cconsole which comes with the Sun Cluster which is part of Sun system tools and can be found in /opt/SUNWcluster. As this software is now freely available it should be downloadable from The package name is SUNWccon – use pkginfo to see if it is installed.

If not and you are on Solaris then you also need to download patches for either Sparc or X86. These are documented at Juergen Scleich’s site

There is a GNU version of cconsole called pconsole which requires a make but the instructions are very clear

Here are a few notes on how to use it

As root on the server where the software is installed

/> vi /etc/clusters

Add the list of machines to SSH in the form: name host1 host2 host3. As we want to open 10 windows on mat050 for a RAC test we insert the following line

oracle-RAC mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050 mat050

/> vi /etc/serialports

Add the hostnames to connect to and the port ssh port 22 e.g.

mat050 mat050 22

/> cconsole -s oracle-RAC & (the name in /etc/clusters)

On your windows taskbar ensure windows of the same type are grouped. Right click the X server window group and chose ‘Tile horizontally’.

DO NOT CLOSE your original putty window until you have finished with the open connections.


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