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Managing network interface cards for RAC

Posted by John Hallas on March 10, 2008

These are my working notes on adding and changing network cards in a RAC cluster. They are actioned on an OEL5 server. Note that the IP addresses are not real and are not accessible from external sources

To add an interface card use the following command on both/all nodes system-config-network

./oifcfg iflist


oifcfg getif [ [-global | -node nodename] [-if if_name[/subnet]] [-type if_type] ]

If you wish to store a new interface then use the setif keyword. For example, to store the interface eth1, with the subnet, as a global interface for high speed interconnects, then you would use this command:

oifcfg setif -global eth1/

Use the OIFCFG delif command to delete the stored configuration for global or node-specific interfaces. You would do so by providing the interface name, subnet (although optional), on the command line. Also, providing the -node or -global options, the delif keyword will delete either the given interface or all of the global and node-specific interfaces on all of the nodes in the cluster. Take this example; here the command deletes the global interface eth0 for subnet

oifcfg delif -global eth0/

Whereas this deletes all of the global NICs : oifcfg delif -global.

Further information available from an article by Tarry Singh

See the following Metalink notes as well

276434.1 Modifying the VIP or VIP hostname of a 10G Clusterware node

283684.1 How to change interconnect / Public IP subnet in a  cluster


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